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Geography and Hydrography

Fusagasugá town is located in the province of Sumapaz, in Cundinamarca, framed topographically within the hills Fusacatan and Quinini, south-west slope of the eastern cordillera. Its limits are: in the north is Silvania and Sibate towns; in the south Arbelaez, Pandi and Icononzo towns; in the east the towns of Tibacuy and Silvania with 64 miles’ distance to Bogota. Fusagasugá has four thermal floors, with height of 500 until 3.050 meters above the sea level, with an average height of 1.728 masl. It temperature averaging 19 ºC and It possesses the following climates: Hot Climate: 9, 21% with temperature between 20 ºC and 28 ºC. Mild Climate: 54% with temperature between 13 ºC and19 ºC. Cold Climate: 32, 2% with temperature between 9 ºC and12 ºC. Paramo: 4, 19% with temperature between 0 ºC and 8 ºC. Fusagasugá offers to its visitors the opportunity to enjoy its wonderful nature and landscape wealth; allowing them to go out of the routine, the world-weariness and the pollution