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Event with 61 years of existence, is celebrated every year in June, is known as the big Fair It is the space where the products and services of the entire Sumapaz region are strengthened, promoted and disseminated. and small businessmen and tourists, are part of the business development of the province. Among the main activities is the cabalistic parade through the main streets of the city, where approximately 5,000 people attend, the fair includes business roundtables in the agroindustrial sector, exhibitions of minor species, artisan, cultural, gastronomic exhibitions, Equine exhibitions "Grado A", bovines, canines, among other interesting and important exhibitions, as well as presentations by local, national and international artists.

  1. Friday 03, June, 2016 to Monday 06, June, 2016
  2. Sunday 03, June, 2018 to Wednesday 06, June, 2018