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This event takes place in September of each year, which through a musical air adopted as a departmental cultural expression through Ordinance 14 of 1994 of the Assembly of Cundinamarca, Rumba Criolla created by Master Emilio Sierra Baquero, is declared folkloric air of the municipality of Fusagasugá and it is agreed that an annual festival should be held in her honor, extolling the dance as a representation of the gallantry of campesino bridegrooms besides extolling the beauty of the fusagasugueña woman. Within the framework of the Festival of the Rumba Criolla 2017, the XXVI Municipal Reign of the Rumba Criolla, XXI Reign of the Department of Rumba Criolla and the II festival of children's and youth dance of the Rumba Criolla took place. Fusagasugá shows before the country, its condition of folklore town of this musical genre that combines voices, strings, percussion and winds.

  1. Friday 11, Noveember, 2016 to Monday 14, Noveember, 2016
  2. Friday 29, September, 2017 to Sunday 01, October, 2017